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458 win mag. 458 Lott? Why is the . 416 rigby, and . 458 Lott is a . 460 Weatherby. 458 Lott ammunition is a big bore hunting round designed by John Lott in 1971. 458 Vs . The 458 lott can also shoot the 458 win mag rounds for cheaper and less painful practice. 45-70 GOVT - Levergun Party - Duration: 20:23. We started in 2010 to offer competitively priced specialty and bulk ammo. The . 458 Lott -- same specs, but about 1/2' more length in the brass. The Rigby has better penetration and range with lighter (300 and 350) grain bullets. Shooting a Mauser in 458 Win Mag Katharina Vikør. 458 SOCOM 300 Gr. We also stock 458 LOTT ammunition for sale in our online gun shop. Select your Load Chronographed or Revised Muzzle Velocity (fps) OPTIONAL Zero Range. 458 Win Mag . So Sound Guy can safely fire the Win Mag in his rifle if the correct cartridges cannot be found. A Ruger #1 in . 458 Lott, and . 26 BLUE BBL WITH INTEGRAL MUZZLE BREAK. 458 Caliber Load Data. 458 Ammunition for Sale. 458 Lott and, of course, am seeking to reload. 458 Lott, . This is a discussion on 458 win to 458 Lott within the Ruger Single-Shot forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Anything wrong with a Ruger No. We also stock 458 Winchester Mag ammunition for sale in our online gun shop. Please look here for shotguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, and muzzleloaders. A very flat flying round for your 458 WM. When Kynoch discontinued making ammo the only calibers available were . 375 H&H. 458 Winchester Magnum can deliver a 500 grain bullet at about 1900 fps from a 22" barrel, giving it over 5,000 foot pounds of punch. Find stock ammo at lowest prices. With regard to the 458, it was an evolution of sorts. Mag. 62 NATO) 32 Winchester Special 338 Lapua Mag 338 Federal . 470-class cartridges it was supposed to. 458 Winchester Magnum Bullet : 350gr. 458 SOCOM loads into a standard double-stack 5. The whole reason that the 458 was invented was for deep penetration on dangerous game (cape buffalo, elephant, rhino). 458 Lott rifles, but not the reverse. 458 Lott Underwood . 458 win mag for sale and auction. Its muzzle energy (from a rifle) exceeds 5000 ft/lbs. 458 Lott. 458WM are nominally all the same overall length. When chambered in a 9 or 10 pound gun, the recoil from the 458 Win Mag is "noticeable". 458 Win Mag VS . The Lott was designed in 1971 by the knowledgeable and affectionately described ‘gun nut’ Jack Lott. SOCOM. 458 Win Mag can be fired in a . 458's are, but it is a better "killing" rifle. 458 Win (and unlike the . I noticed the old refrain from the early 1960's when ball powder was used and compressed and sometimes clumped in the high temperatures of the African sun. 458 Lott--it would be ludicrous to claim that. *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of . It seems that Mr. 458 Win. Known world-wide as the 602 Brno, the CZ 550 Safari Magnum is a true full-sized magnum, not a smaller action blown out to barely hold the cartridge with only 2 rounds in the magazine. 416 Rigby, or . Well known outdoor writer Jack Lott, managed to get himself into a tussle with a cape buffalo he had wounded using the . I got exactly what I was looking for - a very nice 7. To this point, only one has achieved that number and, somewhat predictably, that turns out to be the . 450 Rigby. 300 Win Mag, . 404 Jeffrey and . ruger #1 458 win mag, 24" barrel, this gun is in Order Leupold Tactical Custom Turret. Indeed, both the . 458 strictly as an African cartridge for dangerous game and are only interested in heavy bul-lets at full power for short-range use. 450 Rigby Rimless Magnum vs. 375 H&H . 458 Winchester, let alone from the Ruger #1. The point is that for various reasons (some of which are not clearly understood), it's possible to get a lightly loaded 45-70 to punch a hole just as deep as a full power . 458 Win ammo in an emergency. 375 H&H and to his other son Erik, his . Expansion is unbelieveable and weight retention is close to 100%. 85” is for a bolt-action rifle of reasonable size and weight. within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Ok I know the . 5 Creedmoor 6. 458 Win mag would be my second choice, and at least could probably always find someone who reloads for this calibre too as a bonus. For those folks that have the skills to shoot a 458 lott, they don't need to read an article in a hunting mag to help convince them whether or not their 458 lott is up to the task. (When Finn died in 2000 after a long battle with cancer, he passed on to his son Harald his . I load the 416 rem mag and the 416 Weatherby mag, both are fine African rifles. 458 Express not even better than the . 460 weatherby eclipses both on performance, at the cost of noticeably more recoil. CZ 550 American Safari Magnum Aramid Composite, . 300 Win mag. Mag and the . is a significant step up, and disportional to it's killing power. 458 Winchester and . 458 Lott Discussion in ' I have a Ruger No. 458 Lott with a 458 WINCHESTER MAG ammunition for sale online at discount prices, including cheap ammunition, bulk ammunition, and surplus ammo. Probably if it was me I would give a 338 Win Mag a tryit wouldn't be as cool or powerful but much cheaper and better for a hunt that you might need to buy some extra factory ammo for. (Firearms ship to FFL only. , you can shoot the 375. A barrel stub gauge allows the reloader a view of the chamber that is cut into their rifle barrel. We then went home to get the dogs and found and caught 2nd hog with dogs and retrieve bullet. 458 Caliber Reloading Components Available: Introduced with great fanfare in 1956, the . If you do decide to do it, go through with it, and don't like it, you can always rebarrel to something like a . 458 Lott 500 Grain ; 458 Winchester Magnum. Powder Valley is your Reloading Superstore. You can load the Lott to . The 375, 300 grain at about I have Ruger No. The point isn't that the 45-70 is superior or even equivalent to the . There were reports of the round not producing the speeds claimed, often leaving the muzzle 458 Winchester Magnum Load Data; 458 Lott Load Data; 45-70 Gov’t (Strong Actions Only) Load Data 458 SOCOM. A funny anology to this conversation came about with a friend who shot a deer with his 300 Win mag. At 4200 fp muzzle energy, the 450 Alaskan is viable on all North American game. Modern ammunition uses smokeless powder as the energy source. Due to Federal Import / Export Laws we are currently not able to ship outside the United States, Furthermore all purchases are checked against your local state laws. 458 Win Mag to . 1 Tropical in 458 win mag rechambered in 458 Lott? The 458 mag can be fired in the 458 Lott as the Lott is merely a lengthened 458 mag. 1 "Tropical" in . We have since opened a store in Las Vegas offering the same great prices and dedication to top-notch customer service, not to mention Cerakote & laser engraving in Las Vegas, all done in house! The beast started life as a Ruger M77 in . The Lott can be loaded up to give a 500 grain projectile a muzzle velocity of over 2,300 fps. The current rage among big bore shooters seems to be the 458 Lott, since it achieves a good 200-300 fps higher velocity than the 458 Winchester Magnum. The 500 g Lott bullet travels over 2400 fps and generates over 6000 foot pounds at the muzzle. It's possible, I suppose, to load up the Win. Or just stick to the 458 Win Mag. 0" bbl. 481", the maximum case length is 2. The 7x57mm Mauser If you are happy with the 458 Win Mag and not thinking of making it a Lott then the Zastava is good. 458 Lott on an M1917 Enfield. If you need an outstanding bullet for your . From the left, . 8 MM SPC CZ Model 550 Magnum Actions - Top of Page. Nosler Ballistic Tip Brand: Shaw Barrels. 458 Winchester Magnum, . The 45/70 is a rimmed cartridge while the other 458s use a rimless, belted case. You can do the 250gr. The Lott is about 3/10 inch longer than the . Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. 458 Express not all the rage instead of the . 458 Magnum case, was designed for bulky black powder. Status updates are not given within this timeframe. While we have went to great lengths to make sure that it's as accurate as possible this rendering should not be used to generate specs for casings. 450 bushmaster vs 458 socom, in regards to reloading so I'd have a semi auto mag fed "20 gauge". 458 Lott, . Most . CZ 550 American Safari Bolt Action Rifle CZ 550 American Safari Bolt action rifle is one of the most suitable for the . 460 was designed at the complaint of the . Lott designed the 458 Lott to be a more powerful contender, better suited for large and dangerous game. Ok, I am ready to ream. Since it is essentially a longer version of the . 34 vs 3. It is not the "stopping rifle" that the . a search on both you will find all the info you want and more but from what people say who have gone there is finding 458 win mag/Lott You will see both . for what it's worth, you can shoot . 458 Win Mag rifles, can be converted to shoot the Lott. 458Winnie and it wouldn't be a good idea structurally. 458 Lott. 300 WIN MAG 30 Carbine 30 Rem AR 30-30 WINCHESTER 303 British 308 WIN (7. 375 is much more practical in North America, and can take most any game on the planet if I so desire, 458 Win Mag Cast Load Data and Musings I didn’t want to have a custom chambered rifle made (458 American would have been a good one), and prefer Mauser controlled feed actions. I discussed making one off McCann parts with them in . 338 Win Mag later. Many . And the . 458 Lott would also . What would be your choice if this would be your primary backup rifle. 1. 56 NATO 30-round mag, but it only holds nine rounds of . If you hand them a 458 lott, their shot placement won't get any better, and hence the 458 lott is a poor choice for a bear hunting round. 450 Marlin, . . It is loaded with 500 gr Woodleigh or Hornady soft nose projectiles at up to 2 200 fps for African lion About Ventura Munitions. 458" diameter bullet but it is as different from the mentioned 458s as the 30/30 is from a . Needless to say, he didn’t win the wrestling match and was hammered pretty good. 458 Winchester Magnum bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. 458″ bullets like the . I think John323 means the reverse. Designed by American writer and avid African hunter Jacques Lott in 1971. If my memory in correct, the . INSERT ON PI for sale by Partridge Meadow Firearms LLC on GunsAmerica - 951945014 The Ultimate 458 SABI: The 458 Win Mag has always been a good backup round, but with the round nose bullet at a velocity of around 2000ft/sec, it was hardly ever used as a general purpose round. 458 Win Mag. 458’s are built on standard length actions, and converting them to take a magnum length cartridge involves changing the magazine box and quite a bit of machining by a very competent gunsmith. (That's provided you didn't doctor the rails too much for the . 458 Winchester Mag rifles for rale online as well as hunting rifles and tactical rifles in many other calibers from Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mossberg, Ruger, and Savage. 458 Win Mag Rumor has it 458 win mag ar patricia chandler wins lottery For dangerous game cartridges, you would realistically be better served with a bolt rifle, to allow a follow-up shot. That's probably not a real issue for most people, but it supposedly was in the heat of Africa. tend to run compressed, and so Lott designed the . With proper handloads, however, the . cartridge. 458 Win Mag (in my CZ 550) with a total score of 74. 458 Lott? The 3” case would help reduce pressure for the same muzzle velocity, right? It would be like a . 416 Rigby . 375 H&H within the Ruger Single-Shot forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; I have been hunting Elk for the last three years with my . 458 Lott is essentially a . With a . The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service & extensive product knowledge. Does the . 1 in . US Shooter blogs about his . 45-70 Vs 458 in Penetration "One has to look carefully at what is compared in the test. Hot Cores. 458 Win Mag for not stopping a Cape buffalo which almost killed him in 1959. 375’s 2. Best Answer: Yes, they are both . 5 Grendel 6. 458 Winchester Magnum. Therefore, there are top 2 rifles for . 458 Win Mag is no longer the only game in town as regards large bore/medium large bore rifles. 458 win mag online. 458 Win Mag cartridge that you can buy and start hunting with the cartridge. 458 in Win Mag or Lott for general use. I will say this, the more I shoot and hunt with the 375 H&H, the more I like it. 375 H&H, and 458 Win (right). Build time is approximately 6-8 weeks. The 458 Win. Here we have a pair of all-around 7mm cartridges which may be closer in performance than you think. Big Game Hunting Adventures. Downloading it solved ignition, but then, it no longer matched the . If you're looking to make 200-300 yard shots, the Lott isn't the one, even if it's for fun. It is based on the full length . Finn used a 375 H&H and 458 win mag to take the big 5 and he certainly had access to the 458 lott even though it was a wildcat cartridge until 2002. 458 Win Mag's shortcomings, and still, thanks to the taper and throating, allow use of standard . 458 SOCOM has a big advantage in this category since it uses the . You don't mention whether or not you have ever fired even the . /lbs. 375 H&H, the . Caliber : . On the contrary, the Safari Magnum can hold 3 Rigbys in the magazine! For cartridges like the 375 H&H, it’ll hold 5 down. The m71 is a 6. 1, but it is well worth it. 458 Winchester Magnum is an dangerous game cartridge capable of taking down an Elephant or a Cape Buffalo. Jack Lott designed the longer 458 Lott to address the . 338 Winchester Magnum Cases 35 Remington 35 Whelen 375 H&H Magnum 404 Jeffery 416 Remington Mag 416 Rigby 45-70 GOVT 458 Lott 458 Win Mag 6MM REMINGTON 6. 458 Winchester was underpowered! So he added some length to the . 458 win mag 24" bbl, origianl sites, bore good, gold engraving on trigger guard and floor plate, raised cheek piece, minor wear marks on stock, rosewood forend and grip cap. - 25. After its commercial release in 1956, the . Now I have a choice, Either buy the CZ or buy a Wincherster 458 Win Mag and covert it to a 458 Lott. 00 ug40954 browning custom stocked safari bolt . 458 caliber rifle cartridge designed for the purpose of hunting large, thick-skinned dangerous game animals in Africa. will send 500 grain bullets at about 2000 fps. CZ 550 Box of 20rds. Sure, that goes without saying. 460 Weatherby will not. A . probably 2550fps (which would still be going very fast at long range). Knob Type. The beauty of the lott is you don't have to load it all the way up, you can load it to original 458 win mag specs, run lower pressure, and not have to worry about finding a magic power to push 500's 2100 fps. 458 win mag rebored with open sights, good bore, 24" barrel, g 799. Selling and buying another may be a good move. On paper, the cartridge falls well short of the most commonly used buffalo cartridges like the . The bullet never exited and while me quedo una duda. Save on In-Stock Ammo. Don ug41029 parker hale 1100 custom african bolt . Yes, you can load the 458" Bearclaw in the 45-70 case BUT here is the technical part of a question to you. Lott hunted in Africa and found that the . 458 Lott? Is the . 284-inch bore diameter is considered—along with the uber-American . 458 Win Mag cases (and vice-versa), and is it acceptable to use . Use a powder that fills the case. 4 and 70. 458 lott is not the cheapest caliber to shoot but it is wonderfully effective. Loading Unsubscribe from Katharina Vikør? . 458). 458 Winchester. 450 Nitro Express cartridges. Does it use the same bullets as 458 win mag, 458 lott, etc *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of . 458 Lott, VS; I have the pleasure of owning a 264 Win Mag in Ruger M77 MKII and No brake and a Leupold 1-4 on it. The 458 Lott is what we use as a back-up rifle caliber when hunting dangerous game. When I load light bullets in my 458 Lott, I load Speer 350 gr. , respectively. Reloading Brass. 375 H&H as working calibers at any kind of reasonable price. only was slightly over 1900 fps. I am curious to know if a 458 Win Mag will handle reduced loads and still maintain good accuracy. 458 Lott is simple, provided the action is long enough. 458 Win Mag on steroids. 450 Nitro Express. bullets at 2800fps and the 300gr. 458 SOCOM cartridges, order this 50-round box from Hornady. 4895 seems to be the preferred stuff. has the smallest case capacity and the biggest bullet selection of any of the "elephant rifle" cartridges, so it follows that it has the greatest diversity of reduced power, moderate recoil reloads. It is a tremendously powerful cartridge capable of taking Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Croc, Lion, and the great bears of North America and Kamchatka. Find 458 SOCOM Ammo at lowest prices. 458 Win Mag velocities and it will have lower pressure due to the larger case volume. Scope height (center of scope to center of barrel)(in Inches) Factory ammo or Handloads. 458 Win Mag 500 Grain . Conclusion: the . This is a discussion on Ruger #1 . 458 Winchester Magnum is one of my all time favorites along with the 454 Casull and 45-70 Gov’t. Niin ja sitten vielä, jos ase on porattu Lottille, on siinä mahdollista käyttää myös . 416 Remington Magnum can easily be transferred to the . There are those, like the late Finn Aagaard, who consider the . As a matter of fact, one of the virtues of the Lott is—if the maker says it's okay, and they usually do—you can fire . 458 Win Mag has several loads in the 2150 fps category (and even one in the 2200 fps category). within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Here's a picture of my 458 Win Mag soon to be a Lott Jack Lott’s cartridge is about 6mm longer overall, but the upshot is being able to shoot the “cheaper” 458 WinMag 🙂 Jim_Macklin July 6, 2015 at 11:21 pm Look at the picture above and you’ll see the standard . I just purchased a CZ 550 in . I suspect they have pretty much the same pressure specs but the Lott has a larger case and holds more powder. Though more expensive than deer hunting ammunition, the . Heck, it even shares the same bullet diameter as the old . Note that not all Twist Rates are available for all Calibers. Sell your . Buy a . from what i've read in one of the gun magazines, the . 458 Winchester Magnum was introduced in 1956. 458 winchester magnum . This was the first time I had seen a . I wonder how many of those tests were using bullets expressly made for that caliber or just run of the mill 45 caliber bullets? Any safari grade . The earliest use of the new round proved somewhat problematic. 458 rounds sometimes not penetrating as much as Personally, I view the 458 and Lott as only considered for lion with the 500 grain bullets. Ammo/Bullet Manufacturer. 458 Lott, but then you can not buy these off the shelf, and only a few ammo companies make expensive ammo for it, and the fact that I would probably not reload for it could be a problem. Smokeless powder is much more powerful than black powder or Pyrodex®. Please visit the manufacturer's site to see what products are available. In the other camp are those, like . Order Delivery. g 849. Save up to 20% on ammunition and shooting accessories at Ventura Munitions. com In comparison, the 458 Win Mag offers 87. A few questions: Can . Hornady's Dangerous Game Series ammunition is designed for hunting game that hunts back! When your hunt requires deep penetration and serious stopping power, Hornady's Dangerous Game Series delivers maximum stopping power! These rounds feature a massive 500 grain, Hornady DGS projectile. like a 45-70. cartridges can safely be fired in . is much While the . 458 Lott is so much better than the . Can't concentrate if I think I'm going to get the scope into my eyebrow, so I position the scope so that I have to stretch a little to get a good field of view and I don't get issues with the scope occular lens. However, time would show that the designers might had been better off by making a slightly larger case capacity as the muzzle velocity of many factory loaded cartridges in . Unfortunately, Speer no longer makes these. The MAP is 53,701 CUP. Maybe it's the romance of the Mauser style action. 458 lott and if you're interested, the . 458 Win Mag bullet in order to provide dangerous hunting experience. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk The neck diameter is . Avg. 458 Win case and named it the . 45-70 Level 3, VS . 458 is fully capable of matching the old . Brands We Carry. These sleek and expertly-designed 325-grain bullets deliver the maximum performance you expect while maintaining superior accuracy and consistency. HSM 458 Winchester Magnum 500 gr RNSP ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. 5" SRH, and he ended up buying a Ruger No. Thought that the ol 458 Win Mag discussion was interesting enough to see if any experienced safari types had anything to add. 450 Bushmaster vs 458 SOCOM vs 50 Beowulf: Rifle Selection 458 Winchester Rifle Cartridge by Nosler Inc. 460 A-Square Short, tamed only slightly with a screw-on muzzle brake and made even more rugged with a tough synthetic stock. Nosler Accubond 264 Win Mag 125gr Nosler Partition 264 Win Mag 140gr Nosler Partition 264 Win Mag 160gr Woodleigh Weldcore 270 Win 110gr Barnes TSX LEAD FREE 270 Win 130gr Nosler Accubond 270 Win 130gr Nosler Accubond 270 Win 150gr Nosler Partition 270 Win 160gr Nosler Partition 270 Win 180gr Woodleigh Weldcore 270 WSM 110gr Barnes TSX LEAD The . Photo: Peter Gnanapragasam. 458 WIN MAG 458 LOTT INTERARMS MARK X, 458 WIN. 458 Winchester Magnum is significantly less expensive than its competitors. 458 Win Mag has been around since the 1960’s and has a great reputation for taking lots of dangerous game in Africa. Jim Dangerous Game: . This is a discussion on . 458 Lott reloading dies be used on . . They also have the option of reduced power and recoil loads for CXP2 and CXP3 class game that can considerably increase the versatility of the . 458 Win Mag patruunoita, muttei toisinpäin! Ruger #1 . Cheapest Bulk . The recoil level of the 458 Win. 458 Lott or a . 35 inch of case length over the standard 458 Win Mag case. 450 Watts) which improves extraction, which is particularly important in a dangerous game rifle. Refer to Ruger Magnum . As I watched the vets and game guards milling around, I was drawn to the lead warden with rifle slung over his shoulder. 458 Win Mag Encore pistol … I have a Nikon 2-7X on my No. bullet so fast it will "blow up" and not penetrate. 300 Win Mag, 8mm Rem Mag. Much like a 280 Rem and a 7mm Rem Mag, they both run at about the same pressure but the 7mm Mag holds more powder and moves abullet faster. The winner is the 338 Win Mag based on this comparison, a true scalpel in the hands of a professional using the 275 Tungsten African Grand Slam bullets. 458 Lott rifle safely. 416 Rigby more than enough for Elephants, Rhinos & Cape Buffalo? . The 45/70 uses a . 800 inches (71. 1 mm). 458 Win Mag alkaa olla jo aika ”taviskaliberi”. The Lott is versatile and does shoot the . 45-70 case, although smaller than the . 458 LOTT rifles for rale online as well as hunting rifles and tactical rifles in many other calibers from Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mossberg, Ruger, and Savage. 00 This included famous gun writer and adventurer Jack Lott, who blamed the . i might buy a cz550 458 win mag because i found a good deal on one, is it possible to rechamber it to 458 lott or is the action too short? it would make sense to me that the actions would be the same length, but i want to make sure before i buy it This provides an extra 0. ) Converting a . 458 Lott, which is the better choice for a prospective big-game hunter? Contributor Philip Massaro takes a closer look at what makes each cartridge tick. It has custom high-grade wood with a 14in LP to leather pad. out of a . 45-70 but with a much smaller case. So, I've a question. 458 Lott achieves the ballistics once claimed for the . hunting altitude. # problem seems to be to rechamber a Ruger # 1 in . 458 Winchester Magnum T here are two schools of thought regarding the . 458" bullets. 458 caliber to be used on deer, you don't need to worry about the bullet expanding and with a 458 Win. CZ 550 American Safari Magnum . com 458 win to 458 Lott. 458 Win Mag, its numbers are not in the same class as those achievable with the larger, more versatile and better designed . 60 I have some Lott sitting here just in case I stumble across a deal on a No. 458 Lott chamber, but not the reverse. The 458 Win case holds more powder and designed for modern much stronger rifles than many 45-70 rifles. 45-70 Government, . 338WM, and . The reasons have been amply supplied in previous blogs. 458 Winchester, and the . If you however want to "Lott" it, then I would rather look for a magnum size actioned 458 like the CZ550 or ZKK 602. FROM MIN TO MAX. you're not going to be able to push even a 300 gr. 458 Win to the . 458 Lott kaliberista kivääriä, kun tuo . 45-70 will shoot a 400gr bullet. 30 caliber—to be one of the best all-around choices for a big-game hunter who wants just one rifle. 450 Rigby. This barrel is Made-To-Order. The 7mm/. Full boat loads in the Win. Cz550 416 ruger vs 458 win mag 458 win mag rechamber to north dakota lottery powerball results 458 lott (I can't say 7mm Rem Mag, . Suspected that the bullet passed through the 1st hog and into another. The great debate that surrounds the . One of the most important dimensions on any AR is the size of the gas port. Due to the high cost of newly produced magnum actions, the CZ 550 Magnum Actions and Rifles are very popular for every day use by a lot of Professional Hunters, Game Rangers and Safari Companies. These can only be made at the time the original barrel is created, so be sure to order one with your new custom pre-fit barrel. 458 Lott; CZ 550 American Safari Magnum Ainoa ”etu” on mielestäni se, että ”joka toisella” ei ole . 458 WinMag Garand?? and I think the win mag is longer than 30-06. Why Winchester never improved the 458 is unknown but crazy, Jack Lott was the one that took a straightened 375 H+H case and loaded the 458 Bullet. 004. I've always prefered the Model 70 in a safari caliber vs the 700. if you want for recoil or availability purposes. 458 Win Mag This is a beautiful Ruger No. Recoil is up there with the 458's but the cartridge is a lower pressure cartridge. I also like the added bonus of being able to shoot 458 win mag out of it as well, adds more versatility to the rifle. 458 Win Mag, . 450 Rigby Magnum wins hands down. 32 Win Spcl VS . 460 Weatherby, and now I own a . 458 Win Mag, why is the . 458 Win, a . Many folks contend that 458 Lott is what the 458 Winchester Magnum should have been from day one. 45-70 Vs 458 in Penetration. 458. 458 Lott will shoot a 500gr bullet faster than the . I was especially interested in how they handle reduced (45-70 level) loads. 458 Lott is a stretched version of the . 458 Win Mag loads? I am concerned about leaving too much case space in the latter instance. 458 Lott because I have 3 of those and don't shoot . 458 Win Mag until Winchester switched to a more temperature stable powder. 458 LOTT for sale online. If you really feel the 458 win is lacking, forget the Lott, jump right to the 460 Weatherby. 1's in 45-70 and . 458 Lott; it will boil down to the choice between a belted, higher-pressure cartridge that gives a bit more magazine capacity or a non-belted fatter case that operates at a lower pressure, but at a loss of The . The 375 H&H takes the versatility category hands down. 3. Choose Your Yardage Format. Visit LAX Ammo LA today, a premier Los Angeles ammunition store that sells all your favorite ammunition and tactical gear brands at great prices. 458 Winchester magnum offered an immediate advantage to the big bore English rounds, it could be used in a bolt action rifle. Thanks. 458 Winchester Magnum Ballistics cartridge. 458 Win Mag. 458 Winchester Magnum make a good all-around hunting rifle Plus, as you all know, the Lott can make use of . But if the . 458 Winchester has less than 2 mm clearance in the military . As a man though, lacking sense and reason, I'm still voting for the 460 Weatherby Mag. However, the . 458 Mag or the . 1 I used to hunt deer with a 458 Win Mag, and I used the full power 510 gr soft points. Caliber and Twist Rates : Use the chart below to select the caliber & twist rate for your Shaw custom rifle barrel. 458 Mag. You may be able to rebarrel your 460 to 458 Lott, or practically any other round. Barnes TSX Lead Free Ballistics : 2500fps - 4859 ft. What others are saying torque equals times two or Something like 2800 lbs ft according to Wiki Right: Smith Wesson Magnum aka. 416 Rigby, the . 458 Lott? Answer is because the 458Express is much too long for the vast majority of rifles. 458 Win Mag and . Nosler Ballistic Tip Spitzer- Box of 20 Underwood . 45-70 Govt (SAO) Handgun I have owned a . MAG. In essence, the 458 Lott is a 375 necked up to 458 caliber: It is loaded with 500 gr Barnes TSX projectiles at around 2 300 fps for Cape buffalo. The Lott does have the versatility to shoot 458 Win Mag loads, but that's where versatility ends; very narrow practical use for the 458 - dangerous game. 30-06. 5 pound gun. 458 Winchester? . 458 Win Mag ammo rifle AmmoSeek. Basic Reloading Precautions. 458 lott 300 Win Mag vs 300 Norma Mag vs 338 Lapua Mag These guns and ammo orange county specialist deconstruct the Guns for sale at BudsGunShop. ENGRAVED FLOOR PLATE WITH CAPE BUFFALO HEAD. 8 gr. Find . It appears as though the 458 has a faster twist rate than most 45-70 chambered rifles leading me to believe a 458 mag would prefer heavy bullets. 375 Ruger or . The 300-grain (19 g) round offers a supersonic muzzle velocity of 1,900 ft/s (580 m/s) and 2,405 ft⋅lbf (3,261 J), similar to a light . 460 Weatherby Magnum. 458 Lott will more than likely be a solid or a bonded, full jacket soft nose to control expansion. 458 win mag for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Barnes Bullets in the . 375 H&H, . 8 MM SPC Personally, I've thought about it, but decided instead to either buy one commercially made or build . 458 Lott brass for . 60". 450NE for bolt guns, right? 458 Win Mag VS Newer African Safari Magnums Test · Krieghof O/U rifle . 30-30 VS . 375 H&H Magnum case, and its 2. 458 Socom. The 458 shoots a big, relatively slow moving bullet. 458 Lott Ballistics cartridge. 416 Rigby, or is the . Dropped hog with 458 Lott. 1 in 458 Lott. 63×40mm) is a moderately large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. The round was designed to be a direct competitor to the famed and successful 458 Winchester Magnum. 458 can cause bullets to set back in the case if they are not crimped in place. el 416 rigby fue muy utilizado (creo) por mandar un proyectil de 400 grs a 2300 p/s en un cartucho de muy bajas preciones por lo tanto se podia utilizar en rifles en africa con muy altas temperaturas sin el problema de la extraccion de la vaina , mas aun en caza peligrosa. 416 Rigby vs . 458 Win Mag, your Lott is the Win Mag with more horsepower as you know. After a nasty run in with a buffalo that simply got pissed off when shot with 458 Win Mag and 375 H&H, Jack returned home and basically said “the hell with this” in reference to the 458 Win and set out to remedy the shortcomings of the famous, but troubled round. The rounds for the . It should be a relitivly easy job , the 458 Win is a pretty short case considering it rank in the mag class and I've seen 77's chambered in 375 H&H so the Lott case should be no trouble. If you shoot the 400 grain bullets in the 458 Win, it has plenty of velocity and power! I do not think that is it dead, just a little slower in sales. yo en mi 458 win mag utilizo puntas de 400 grs a 2300 p/ds pero estoy al limite con las preciones. We are the largest provider of all brands of reloading brass because we offer great service and wholesale prices. Never the less i love the rifle and can't wait to take it on safari. 30-06, making handloading a worthwhile effort. It is claimed that the new 458 Lott is an improvement over the 458 Winchester Magnum since its higher velocity supposedly results in more lethal impact-effect and deeper penetration. When emailing or calling sellers direct, please mention that you saw their listing on GunsInternational. 458 Win mag are more expensive than cartridges like the popular . The small hole in the top of the barrel is what controls how much gas enters the system. Look no further for your . The 458 Win Mag was capable of competing with the popular 375 Holland and Holland, up to the stunning 470 Nitro Express. 458 WinMag. 458 Lott will chamber 458 Win Mag rounds. Somebody should tell that to the company whose name is on the headstamp. Lott’s condemnation lead to decreased sales for the . 30/06 action. 458 win mag out of a . A decent one may be significantly higher priced than the no. 458 SOCOM (11. It is loaded to 53,000 cup and it's a fairly compact cartridge that fits in a standard length action. If I'm not mistaken the 458 Lott is just a bit longer than the 458 Win with a weee bit less body taper , if this is true then simply running a 458 Lott reamer Who's got one?I'm looking at picking one up and taking it to Lott, just need to know if the mag is standard ('06) length or Mag (H&H) length. As . I always wanted a 458 Lott but the only rifles imported to South Africa is a CZ 550 Safari magnum in 458 Lott. It is a good idea to crimp bullets in high power reloads, as the ferocious recoil of the . FWIW, 30-06, . Any thing other than lion, I prefer the 416 mag wit 400 grain bullets. I own a Ruger M77 MKII . In addition to 458 WINCHESTER MAG ammo, we also carry rifle ammunition, pistol ammo, and shotgun shells from top brands like ammo 458 win 500 gr dgx superformance Product Code: H85833 Hornady® manufactures Dangerous Game™ Series ammunition with only the fi nest components, under strict quality control measures. 458 Win Mag was an instant hit among big game hunters who wanted a hard-hitting cartridge that could fit in a standard-length, bolt-action rifle. If you take a 45 cal 500 gr RN bullet and you fire that at 3 different velocities, one at 45-70 velocity, one at 458 Win Velocity and one at 458 Lott velocity into a primarily visco elastic material the following would be applicable: 300 H&H, 300 WBY Mag, 300 Win Mag, 338 Wby Mag, 338 Win Mag, 340 Wby Mag, 350 Rem Mag, 375 H&H, 375 Super Mashburn Mag, 375 WBY Mag, 357 STW, 400 H&H, 416 RemMag, 416 Taylor, 425 Express, 458 Lott, 458 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm STW, 7mm Mashburn Super Mag, 7mm Practical,7mm Wby Mag 8mm Rem Mag NOTE WBY ONLY HAS . hunting Temp. 416 Rigby is a better choice than the . 5” overall length is better-suited than the . I settled on a Winchester Super Express in 458 Winchester Magnum and got it late last year. 458 Lott also has a tapered case, just like the . com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. com. Initially, back in the early 90s, I bought a 458 Win mag, sold it, bought a 458 Lott, sold it and regretted selling it and eventually bought another 458 Lott - this time to keep and never sell again! Regarding the 375 H&H, purchased it and never looked back. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: 458 Caliber 300 Grain . 45-70 . 458 Win Mag - WikiArms Live Ammo Tracking. The recoil from the 450 is "more than noticeable", some might label it severe. 375 H&H Magnum case blown out and shortened to 2. 458 Win, and it lead me to look into the . 458 Lott vs. Between the . I shot two deer with a 458 and what most of these people say is simply untrue. 80" and the maximum COL is 3. Here's a list of all manufacturers we currently draw from. 458 Win Mag, was upgraded and rechambered for the considerably more powerful . 458 Winchester Magnum ammunition! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door! Top honors go to the 375 H&H, 416 Rigby, and 458 Lott - showing why they can take large game at almost any angle. Do I have a bias toward the . 416 Rigby and . In the 9th Edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, the . 458 Win Mag was essentially a straight-cased and shortened . Top Brands Available. If you are accustomed to the recoil of the 300 Mag. Today, a buddy and I scored pretty well on a couple of mid-90's Rugers. 458 Lott’s also shoot cast bullets remarkably well for even cheaper practice. wo Shooting forum Centerfire rifles Zastava 458 Win Mag It has been an interesting journey. 458 Lott superior as a dangerous game cartridge over the . Also bear in mind, that with a bit of work, and being re-chambered, many factory . Would need a new bolt though. 458 win mag vs 458 lott

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